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February 29, 2012


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I was thinking as I was walking back from town today... I have a surprising number of friends on deviantart whom I know in real life.

So, here is a quick feature of some of my favourites from the galleries of some very talented people :dance:
Go visit them, they're cool :eyes:

I'm sorry, I've had to miss out a good few people from this list because the journal is getting too large to post. I tried to miss out the people that are the least active from the list.

In no particular order:

:star::star::star: :iconheylormammy: :star::star::star:

Sunset photographer by Heylormammy Curls by Heylormammy Silent wings by Heylormammy

:star::star::star: :icontr1ff1d: :star::star::star:

Dita Von Teese by tr1ff1d A summer's day by tr1ff1d New hair by tr1ff1d

:star::star::star: :iconnikipaprika: :star::star::star:

After that robin by NikiPaprika Peachy Keen by NikiPaprika Faun by NikiPaprika

:star::star::star: :iconthesudz: :star::star::star:

Mob Mentality Front Cover by TheSudz :thumb284923867: Engineering is a Fine Art by TheSudz

:star::star::star: :iconmichichibi: :star::star::star:

Photoshoot 5 by michichibi Saloon girl by michichibi Squee Face by michichibi

:star::star::star: :iconerinthomson: :star::star::star:


:star::star::star: :iconloobaru: :star::star::star:

"Jurassic Jess" render by Loobaru Baba Yaga Bonylegs by Loobaru Market Stall by Loobaru

:star::star::star: :iconfiatvoluntastau: :star::star::star:

12 Doctors  updated by FiatVoluntasTau Hand cat by FiatVoluntasTau Chibi 12 Doctors by FiatVoluntasTau

:star::star::star: :iconjulie090995: :star::star::star:

Real Love by julie090995 Down To Size by julie090995 Gansey by julie090995

:star::star::star: :iconbmouat: :star::star::star:

Blue Water Splash by Bmouat Sky High by Bmouat standin' by Bmouat

:star::star::star: :iconfreya241: :star::star::star:

Sherlock by freya241 Mountains from Breakish by freya241 He saw that this was to be his death by freya241

:star::star::star: :iconl-stubby-l: :star::star::star:

Lady Macbeth by l-Stubby-l Mason by l-Stubby-l Ophelia by l-Stubby-l

:star::star::star: :iconstuartthomson: :star::star::star:

Cage by StuartThomson It's Much Easier This Way by StuartThomson The Eremite and the Truth. by StuartThomson

:star::star::star: :iconcthulu-hula: :star::star::star:

Reflections of the Dark by Cthulu-Hula Goggles of Dooooom by Cthulu-Hula Distraught Requiem by Cthulu-Hula

:star::star::star: :iconsamsey: :star::star::star:

SHINY SHINY, the stars twinkle by samsey kitty dust by samsey Code of LOVE by samsey

:star::star::star: :iconlynneface: :star::star::star:

The Tourist by lynneface The Suit by lynneface Rosali by lynneface

:star::star::star: :iconrainbow24: :star::star::star:

Blow Dry Rainbow by rainbow24 My Peerie Kitten by rainbow24 Sunset and Waves by rainbow24

:star::star::star: :iconpet-rubber-duck: :star::star::star:

D0llparts by pet-rubber-duck HOLGA: Gondola by pet-rubber-duck My Gorgeous Boy II by pet-rubber-duck

:star::star::star: :iconyellowcrayon4: :star::star::star:

The seeing Body by yellowcrayon4 Fly so high by yellowcrayon4 The last express by yellowcrayon4

:star::star::star: :iconmhaigh: :star::star::star:

End of day... by MHaigh Moisture by MHaigh Water drops on oak leaf by MHaigh

Skin made by pikadudeno1
with love ♥
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rainbow24 Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww thanks for the feature Kirsteen =)
heylorlass Mar 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
No problem at all Amy :D
How are you getting on with your art in Shetland?
Thanks for the feature :iconsuperheroglompplz:
heylorlass Mar 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
No problem at all! How are you getting on with your art at school? :)
I've been off for a bit, so.. ^^;
heylorlass Mar 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hehe, ah, no worries :highfive:
Loobaru Mar 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
thanks sami :D x
heylorlass Mar 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
... kirsteen? :D
Loobaru Mar 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
derp. how the hell did i screw that up O_o
sorreh ._.
heylorlass Mar 24, 2012  Professional General Artist
Bahah :D
Noooo problemo :dummy:
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