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Briefly back from the dead

Sun Jul 2, 2017, 11:38 AM
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Hey guys, 

I've had such a long hiatus from art. I've been really ill over the last 6 months, but even long before that I was just a bit fed up with creating. So it really feels like an age since I did anything arty. 

However, I'm doing my best to dive back in it. Maybe if I write my intentions then you can hold me accountable ;). Come find me on twitter, that's where I hang out most online. Poke me and say oi, you drawing right now? You're not? WHY NOT? Get to it!  

I'm working on several big projects that have been ongoing for years now. Hopefully they're on their way to completion soon :faint:
Because they're so HUGE they've sucked up what little art I've been producing, and I haven't been able to showcase any of it. Frustrating, but you'll see eventually.

Hard to believe I've been on deviantart for 10 years now. I was 15 when I first joined and now I'm 26. :wtf: Feeling old haha. 
Its good to get inspiration from here again.

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The most embarrassing person.

Fri Nov 6, 2015, 2:14 AM
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Do you ever say or do something and then can't stop cringing about it for days and weeks after? And if you're super unlucky, you do a whole string of embarrassing things in a short period of time. Then you just want to sink into the floor so that you never have to interact with another human being again? 
I feel like the most awkward person in the world right now. I've done and said so many things lately that have been taken the wrong way by folk. Or I've said unnecessary things. And you replay the cringe moment over and over again in your mind like you your own mini internal torture chamber. 

Ross by heylorlass

Even in my DREAMS I'm awkward. I dreamed the other day per chance I found out where Jenna Marbles lived (it was in a train station in the dream but lets just forget that). I just invited myself into her house and we were hanging out with the dogs and I was having a great time.

Then from the other room her boyfriend Julian was taping me for his vlog secretly around the corner of the door saying "See, this is so inappropriate. She just TURNED UP. We can't get rid of her. Fans are going too far, they can't just EXPECT us to host them whenever. Its so inconsiderate and RUDE. So I'm filming this as an example as to how NOT to act around us" And that Jenna was just humouring me and she couldn't wait for me to leave.
I woke up and I was so mortified and guilty that dream me, had imposed on poor Jenna Marbles that I couldn't get to sleep at 5am. 

Ahaha, so awkward. 

I'm going to go flail away now. 

Maybe you can take comfort in the fact you may continue to be socially awkward well into when you're 1/4 of a century old, like me. 

Emma watson by heylorlass

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Hi guys, 

Anyone interested in Warriors should REALLY try out the series of books I just finished.
Torak Wolf Renn -Wolf Brother by bitayamoka

'The Chronicals of Ancient Darkeness' by Michelle Paver. The first book is called 'Wolf Brother'. I first read them when I was a teenager (like warriors haha) but got back into it when I was an adult and finished off all 6 books. They are very well written books (unlike some other repetitive series I still like, cough-WARRIORS-cough) I actually listened to them on audible which I HIGHLY recommend because its read by Ian McKellen. LISTEN to his beautiful voice in the audio sample:…

The books are about a boy named Torak and a wolf cub he finds orphaned in the forest. Torak, 12 years old, is left alone in the wilderness after his father is killed by a demon bear. He and his wolf cub are set on a mission to survive and reach a mountain that his dying father made Torak swear he had to find, before the full moon.

Its one of those stories where I want to spew out information at you guys to convince you to read it, but I can't! There are so many plot spoilers that I can't go into it at all. Trust me. You've got to read them. And it just gets better as the books go on.

The story is steeped in a whole culture based around spirit animals, rituals and ancient lore and magic. Its fantastic. For example, in the book every human has 3 souls. their name soul which is their physical self, clan soul which is their clan creature they are born into and their world soul which is the essence of themselves that is connected to every living thing. When someone dies it is forbidden to speak their name for 5 years in case their spirit comes back to haunt the living and is turned into a demon. Torak can fluently talk to wolf, but he doesn't know why. 

So you guys need to pick up a copy of Wolf Brother and start on the series, okay? I need people to talk about this with! 

Brb, off to restart the series on wolf brother again. ;) (yes, I love it that much!) 

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Hi guys,  I now have an etsy shop! 
:star:… :star:
My question is: I don't have any Warrior Cats art in there YET. However I'm planning to put some there soon.

What would you want to buy from me, in what form? Signed prints? Postcards? Poster? Mousemats? You get the idea. What sort of cool warrior item would you want IF you could afford it and had the money, hypothetically. 

Sorry for being ever absent in comments. I try to answer as many as I can in binges :D
How are you all getting on?

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Guys, I'm flattered you like my art. Really I am. But I regularly find people who trace large parts of it, or repost it onto other sites all the time. On instagram, on russian warriors forums, (a whole heck of it infact, I can't read what its being used for either- lots of people's art is on there by the way, not just mine) or include it in youtube videos. 

I can see you. I know who does it. I'm not mad, I just wish you'd ask, or link back to me or say 'heavily influenced by' etc. 

How do I find these things? I use google chrome, if I right click on any image, you can 'search google for this image'
And all the instances of your image on the internet turn up.


Thats all. Huff. :smoking:

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I have an art tumblr!

Sat Nov 22, 2014, 12:14 PM
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Follow me please? Wink/Razz

More art on the way, uploading some old stuff for starters I am a dummy! 
My original tumblr was intended for art only, but that lasted for 0 seconds when I discovered hilarious gifs of animals... as you do. 
So, I'll see you there! :3

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Postcard madness

Mon Aug 25, 2014, 6:15 AM
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Daler Rowney Postcard by heylorlass

I have 2 little packets of watercolour postcards waiting to be used on my desk :dummy: 

The reason I do, came from  jessyr's journal here:  
DA friends, any interest in postcarding?!I got the idea from :iconchampagnelace: !
The basic idea is to send postcard to each other,  but I LOVE adapting this idea  to drawing/painting a postcard with a little note on the back about you or what you like about my art...anything (doesnt have to be too fancy, just not sloppy :P ). We'd then  send it eachother as  DA friends! Mail doesn't come often, so it's a special treat....and it means you'll have a little collage from 'around the world'. :D
I have a few good friends I have in mind I'd love to do this with, but for starters lets say about 10-15 ppl that show an interest and don't mind shelling out the time (your sending to me too) and a few bucks to send will be involved. I'll likely do other batches later on too, I just don't want to have an unfinishable  list to start off with. And if I don't know you, understand I may decline, but chances are good it'll be a yes. 
Post your interest in here (so others can see how many are participating), then

I think this is such a good idea. I know I don't get very much in the mail that isn't either junk or packages from internet shopping ^^;. 

Basically the plan is to draw something on the front of the postcard (whatever you like!) and on the back write a little note about yourself and who sent it :)

So far I only have one address and more postcards to be used up :eager:
So if anyone wants to send more postcards I'm up for it :D

It would be so special to receive something hand made from people I've known on deviantart over the years and I'd really enjoy sending them out to you guys in exchange! 
Of course, addresses would be kept private and you'd have to pay postage, but asides that, I think it could be really fun. 

If anyone is interested, comment below and I'll note you so we can exchange addresses. 

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Over the last few weeks I realised something really sad. I stopped drawing warrior cat art because I became embarrassed of it. I really really really enjoyed it, but through the process of going to university, despite doing an animation course and drawing children's stuff every day, I was embarrassed to keep illustrating scenes from a series of books that I loved and really sparked my imagination. I'll explain why.

Sandstorm's kits by heylorlass Catching snowflakes by heylorlass SILENCE by heylorlass

The problem with social media is that people you know in real life start following you on your accounts on various websites. Pinterest, tumblr, twitter, facebook, youtube, deviantart... the list goes on.
Although, fun at first (oh wow, my real life friend is on here too, this is sooo cool we can do art things together!), it really stifled my creativity. With every person that started to follow me, it was like an increasing weight on me to perform. Recently lots of people I know have started following me on Pinterest, and every time someone does I just inwardly groan and cringe. I just hate the feeling like I'm being watched. I suffer with it daily. "Should I say this? Because such and such will see it. They'll think I'm weird." I rarely say what I want to say because I have a terrible fear of being rejected. So, whereas I used to be myself online, now I'm constantly hiding myself. I rarely feel free to just be me.

At times I'm tempted to start new accounts, fresh, so nobody I know will find me so I can be me again, but that sort of thing is difficult to keep secret. And that would be cowardly. 

People I know in real life in the past made serious pokes at me for drawing picture after picture of cats. It was stupid to them, and it made me feel stupid. I became this girl who was obsessed with cats to them and the butt end of a lot of mean jokes. Crazy cat lady etc. What is wrong with her? Its a childrens book series. Aren't you a bit old for it? Oh you're that girl who draws nothing but cats! So, do you like, have *snicker* 14 cats? I don't get it, its just cats, surely you have better things to do. And so I eventually gave up. It wasn't worth the teasing. :x (Mad) 

I don't know. You're told that you shouldn't care what people think, but I do. The things people say to me stick and I replay them over and over in my head for sometimes years at a time. Maybe I'm too sensitive, but equally some people say some really hurtful things that have lasting consequences. :backstab:

The feeling watched and judged for doing something you enjoyed really put me off. And for a long time, I didn't draw any art and became really depressed. I felt like I wasn't allowed to create anything that I actually wanted to create, because what I wanted to draw was stupid. I obviously was wrong to enjoy it because it was childish thing and I was an adult. For a while I felt like I never wanted to create anything again. I'd lost all my inspiration, nothing excited me to create. All my joy just was sucked out of me.

Its taken me a long long time to get to the stage where I want to make anything again. Grr. 

But I've come to realise that I shouldn't feel ashamed anymore. Since joining tumblr earlier this year and seeing the sheer amount of people obsessing over certain fandoms, I don't feel so stupid anymore for loving something a bit different. After meeting my new boyfriend, he's 33 and he has the most wonderful geeky friends many of whom play pokemon. Seriously, his pokemon collection is incredible. I've never met another adult (who wasn't in my university animation course- they're all just awesome anyway, but I don't take them to be an average slice of population for their interests/hobbies) who liked pokemon -another thing I felt guilty about still loving- and still played the games as they came out.  

I stumbled across this thing a few months ago. Wil Wheaton said the most beautiful thing in a speech he made to a newborn baby girl about what it is to be a nerd, recorded at a convention. This is the speech, its really good, go watch it. It brought tears to my eyes at the time because it just reassured me so much that it was okay to be me. 
"So, there’s going to be a thing in your life that you love. I don’t know what that’s going to be … and it doesn’t matter what it is. The way you love that, and the way that you find other people who love it the way you do is what makes you a nerd. The defining characteristic of [being a nerd] is that we love things. Some of us love Firefly and some of us love Game of Thrones, or Star Trek, or Star Wars, or anime, or games, or fantasy, or science fiction. Some of us love completely different things. But we all love those things SO much that we travel for thousands of miles … we come from all over the world, so that we can be around people who love the things the way that we love them.
That’s why being a nerd is awesome. And don’t let anyone tell you that that thing that you love is a thing that you can’t love. Don’t anyone ever tell you that you can’t love that, that’s for boys … you find the things that you love, and you love them the most that you can." 

Anyone who has the time of day to make a fool of someone for doing what they love can really go #### themselves. Its bullying. Pure and simple. And likewise, if I ever made anyone feel that way about anything (and I know I have and I feel terrible about it), I'm truly sorry. I wish I'd seen that speech years ago.
So. I'm going to promise myself something. I'm not going to let other people make me into feel guilty to do what makes me happy again. 

So when I'm next home, I'm going to gather together my old books and regeek out on the things I love. :dalove:. And through writing this out, I hope if anyone else has been struggling with something similar, you feel better too. 

To me,
 a recovering people pleaser 
  from me.

Now I'm going to be brave and post this before I get scared and delete it all. GAAAH POST!! CLICK!! :fear:


So since this journal, I've been feeling much better about myself and my art. And I've created a bunch of stuff since writing this. It really helped me. So thank you so much everybody for your support. Without all the lovely comments, I doubt I would have done all these:

Awakening by heylorlass 
StarClan run cycle by heylorlass  Dark forest by heylorlass   StarClan has abandoned me by heylorlassRestocking medicine by heylorlass

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Cleaning up the ol' portfolio

Wed Mar 19, 2014, 6:44 AM
My biggest problem in the last few months has been now that I have finished university- what now?! There is no overriding all consuming goal looming over my life, so what do I do with myself?
John Green puts it oh so well.

"Adulthood is this monolithic creature. Like, you acquire your job and your spouse and then you just ride it out until time's winged chariot shows up... 95% of romantic stories end with partners committing to each other because everything else after that is just the blank terrifying morass of adulthood. This terrifying monotonous grind in which the only real excitement in your life is occasionally finding a truly ripe avocado at the grocery store."
Not that I'd want to go back to this time last year to when I was still at university. Hell no, that was a bit too much excitement. The feeling of constant gnawing, agonising guilt at every wasted moment not spent on university work was not a fun place to be. I remember even feeling guilty taking time to sleep for 7 hours instead of <6. No thanks. It took me literally months to wind down and to stop feeling guilty. I'd get nightmares about having forgotten to hand in my dissertation and it being past the deadline. :dead: 

When I was young I always thought when I got to this age, I'd know what I was doing. Adults know EVERYTHING right? I'm nearly 23, I still have no clue what the hell is going on :D. Everything can be summarised in this one picture: :star: emilymueller143.files.wordpres… :star:

So- to combat the terrifying monotonous grind of adulthood, I've been plotting. I have a list of things I'm going to do or make happen, a lot of these are already in motion:

:bulletgreen: I went to a primary school and did a talk on illustration. It was really successful. So since then I've applied to a course in primary school teaching. So- if that goes ahead- and I'm really not sure either way, I may be starting a new course in September to become a teacher! If that works out... big if...  BAM, new career. 
:bulletgreen: I'm currently learning to drive. My theory test is booked for April and hopefully I'll sit my test a few months after that. Woopee! Increased independence. 
:bulletgreen: I'm applying for a new place to live with my partner, so when that happens I'll have my own house! This is great because at the moment we're living in a 1 person flat. Its a squeeze for 2 people. So things will be much more comfortable.  
:bulletgreen: I'm going to go on holiday with my friends to see Eurovision in a few months :boogie: Plus I have at least 2 more trips planned to go and see concerts and friends.  
:bulletgreen: I've spoken to a local gallery about showing my work. If things come of that, maybe that will be exciting project...

So with a few of those things on the go, things are looking less boring. 

I don't know about anyone else, but for me this has felt like the longest winter ever. This year we had a solid month and a half of gale force winds. Every single day. When the weather finally broke, the wind stopped and the sun came out, it was so beautiful. There were a few storms that happened in England at the time, at most they were only a few days long. In one news report there was a man looking out at the sea breaking over a sea wall and telling the news reporter "Its like end of the world!" I couldn't help but laugh. We'd already had that level of wind for a month and it hadn't been picked up by the national news. 
When it ended one of my friends put up on facebook "The day every Shetlander cried" with a photo showing the view from his house with blue skies and sunshine. It was very apt.  

Back to the title of this journal... I've updated my deviantart profile and cleaned up various bits and added a few things in. I've also updated my portfolio. So if you could check it out and tell me what you think that would be great :D :star: :star: 

The other cool thing was I realised since updating my deviantart profile is I can officially say I'm a 'professional artist'. Having been in my job almost a year now, I think its pretty awesome. It sounds better than the reality, but still, you gotta give yourself these little victories :highfive: 


How are you all getting on? Tell meh ev-ury-ting :O

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Mon Feb 10, 2014, 2:45 PM
Sooo... hello. You may remember me, you may not. I've been away from deviantart for forever. A lot of stuff has happened in the last year or so since my last post. But there hasn't been a lot of art. 

This has been due to a lot of things. New job, new relationship, new flat, new life. Life is like that.

If I ever had art block before, its paled in comparison to this. Its strange that you take 17 years of education leading up to something, you get through it, and when you're at the other side of the hell, left with nothing but freedom to do what you want to do in art, you cannot face picking up a pencil. :unimpressed:

However, I'll get back there eventually. 

Hope y'all are getting on alright in whatever you're setting out to do :) aaand I'll catch you all in a bit when I have some things to show ya 


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I should probably update y'all...

Sun Apr 7, 2013, 11:15 AM
Since my last journal was Christmas... its been a while.

Its my birthday in 3 days! I'll have reached the grand old age of 22. Though I'm too busy to have a proper birthday this year. I'm postponing all that til after I graduate.  

Speaking of graduation. Holy smokes, its so close now. The light is at the end of the tunnel. The end is nigh! Its nearly over.
Soon... soon I'll be going home to real food... I'll be able to rediscover what life is like without constantly being stressed.

The stress leading up to the finals is doing strange things to me. My body is packing in, bit by bit. Though, I'm not stressed in my head, per say, the rest of me is.  I'm just hoping all these stress symptoms will disappear when the source of my stress is gone. It surely will.

I miss deviantart, I haven't had a chance to be on here and catch up with everyone in so so long.
But soon... it'll be OVER. I can go home and kick my feet up. Oh its the simple things I can't wait for. My mam's ( :iconheylormammy:) home cooked mince and tatties.  The thought of being able to have time to even go to the gym is a heavenly thought. That's right- I'm even craving exercise.

Enough moaning.

Asides feeling like I've been dragged by the feet through a spiky hedge and I've somehow managed to ingest the hedge and torn up my insides in the process- things are going okay! :lmao:

The two films I'm working on are progressing well. The 'Forest' film and 'Fearg Na Mara' will be finished and shown at my degree show on the 17th May.
I'd post the links to the films, but I have in the past and they are due to be updated- so they aren't that exciting to look at just now.
So if anyone is around in Scotland, the degree show opens to the public on the 18th. The exhibition is on for a week @ Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee.

:star: CHECK THIS OUT- I'm on a website! :star:
(scroll down from the students listing and click on 'Kirsteen Mullay')
2013 Animation Degree Show Website

More exciting things!
Over the last few days I've put together a mini portfolio book to have at my degree show section. Click here to preview the book
I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I can't wait for it to arrive. I hope other people are making similar things for their exhibition spaces. More than anything I wanted to make a book as a keep sake from university to remind myself of what I've achieved whilst being here.

After my final hand-in, my life plans are to return home, furiously train for a full time textile job I secured a few months ago (the luckiest girl alive to have a job before graduating! I'm so so so grateful and relieved to have it). I'm doing this job for the next year, filling in for someone else. Then after that, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. The world will be my oyster.
I'll have time to save up some money. I'm hoping to buy a Wacom Cintiq as a 'to me, from me' present for finishing university. Well, that's my excuse anyway XD

I'll get back to doing art for me, which means much more deviantart, much more roaming about the hills taking photos and posting on my blog.

You'd be better finding out what I'm up to by following my blog than deviantart at the moment

Neehoo, I hope you all are getting on okay. Anyone else doing university, I can throughly sympathise. Just keep thinking of your favourite food waiting for you at the end. A bath full of it. You can do eet!

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Merry Christmas Everybody! :)

Mon Dec 24, 2012, 3:55 PM
And for all you folks who don't celebrate it- weeeell, I wish you a bloody good day anyway!

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Weird spam thing happened

Sun Nov 25, 2012, 7:48 AM
Has anyone had this problem before. Well, its not so much a problem... I have this old photo here: Peelin' da tatties by heylorlass which suddenly got requests to be added to about 20 different groups, all within the last 2 days or so. They're all decently popular groups too, all run by different people, so its not even like regular spamming from one particular person.
I started accepting the requests then stopped when I realised just how many it was being added to, for no real apparent reason. Its not an amazing picture :P I.. just.. what?

WHY? Whats going on?
Has anyone experienced something like that?
I'm so confused

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I'm going through a major sort and update of all my websites that I have profiles on. Its a bit of a task. Nearer to when I graduate, I don't want any potential employers looking through my stuff and seeing something embarrassing :XD:
So after deviantart, I now also have, hotmail, gmail, skype, facebook, blogger, trello, picassa, youtube, linked-in, twitter, ozzy the otter twitter, ozzy the otter blog, ozzy the otter facebook, ozzy email... and I'm sure I've missed many out.

So yes, look on my profile page, you'll find links to my blog and various other things to go visit :D
:star: :star:

Hope you're all doing well :hug:

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Tue Oct 16, 2012, 4:17 PM
Thats right. Now I have your attention- I have a blog! And I post lots of art stuff on it that I don't necessarily post on deviantart. Including my life drawing that I do through my university course (life drawing IS drawing nude people- for anyone who doesn't know- to improve your understanding of anatomy). So go check it out- or follow me if you use blogger :)

:star: My Blog! :star:

Thank you! :)

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Animated film in progress

Tue Oct 9, 2012, 2:06 AM
This is what I have been working on lately come take a look
:star: :star:

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I've lost my muse. I've been looking for it ever since. Its obviously on holiday, taking all my inspiration with it. Which is a pain. I'm getting to the point where I have this terrible urge to create ART of some sort and nothing from the soup of ideas and concepts in my mind is offering itself forward, waving frantically going 'ME ME!! DRAW ME!!!'

I haven't been on deviantart for such a long time.

Updates on my little life: I'm home in Shetland for the summer til September when I go back to university. I've been working for the last few weeks. I'm missing the mainland and life on it (mainland Britain). Its like a surreal bubble, living on an island like this. I realise it more and more every time I come home how obscure a place I've happened to be born and raised in.
There has been little to no summer weather so I haven't been outside much either. Summer so far has been 8-10 degrees on average at the height of heat- thats minus the windchill. Its a cold, sunless place.

I've also been ill for more than a week now, so maybe all these things combined with eating too much, not enough exercise is stopping inspiration.  

Feeling like there is so much I have to do this summer and I have no energy or motivation to do any of those things. Stuck in a rut with everything. How do you guys get out of that rut? This next year is going to be like climbing everest in terms of work and just taking the first step is getting me down when there is so much to go.

Hope you're all having a great summer. Whats the news with you guys?

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Is signing your artwork pretentious?

Sun May 13, 2012, 6:45 AM
I've heard a lot of people recently slamming on younger artists or those with less developed talent who sign their work. I was ALWAYS taught from a very young age to sign everything I did. Purposely signing my work, so I knew when I drew it, was just normal to me. Nowadays I sign my art incase it goes missing on the internet and somone tries to steal it- which has happened to me regularily too. Back in school we always had to write our names on our art to identify it.

I really don't 'get' whats so bad about it.

If someone would care to explain for me?

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Hi everybody. Ozzy the Otter is going into full production this summer. Because of this he has set up his very own facebook page, twitter and youtube AND a production blog, where you can see the latest updates of how the project is coming along. Its very exciting. :excited:

... oh... Ozzy is here, tugging on my sleeve, he'd like to ask you guys something himself. I'll pass the keyboard to him:

Hello, this is Ozzy. I was wondering if you had a spare moment, if you could check out my facebook, or twitter and youtube pages and possibly subscribe to me. I love having friends, at the moment I don't have many. I'm going to be posting up lots of cool, interesting things regularly. You will also get a first look at how the project is coming along! My artist is working hard to put together a new book all about me and my friends.

Thank you so much, hope to see you all there soon!

Ozzy The Otter Returns by heylorlass Gary the Grey Seal by heylorlass Tom the Tern by heylorlass

:bulletwhite: Ozzy's website
:bulletblue: Ozzy's facebook…
:bulletred: Ozzy's youtube…
:bulletorange: Ozzy's blog
:bulletgreen: Ozzy's twitter!/OzzytheOtter

(Ozzy the Otter and Friends copyright Kirsteen Mullay 2008)

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I'm at the end of term again. I got my grades back and I did really well. I didn't go up or down a grade in value, but my grade was stronger than it was last year :XD: if that makes sense at all.
I'm very happy anyway :dummy:

I've worked harder than I've ever worked this semester. I'm almost sad its over so soon even despite making myself ill with stress. The time has absolutely flown. Seems like it was just Christmas and I blinked and it was suddenly the end of April. Insane.

If anyone is interested in seeing more of what I'm working on I'll stick up the blogs of the films I've been a part of so far.

Wee Monsters:

Forest- working title:

Wrath of the Sea (Kelpie film- title now chosen):

And my own blog :dummy:
There are more titbits on this blog than I post on deviantart so check it out
I even put up things like walk-throughs of how I do some paintings, pretty cool, no?:


Also, please be patient with me, with me being so busy I've not been able to keep up with comments.

Skin made by pikadudeno1
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